Friday, February 22, 2013

How Moms Save Money and Teach Little Ones in the Process

How well do you budget?  No need to go pro with extreme couponing, just arm yourself with these helpful tips to help you save a little to either put back or go toward other things on your wish list!

1.        Focus on Saving at the Store.  Coupon clipping has increased by 28% in the past four years!  You can spend as little or as much time, but every little bit counts when paying attention to store ads and coupon clipping.  Focus on what you need for the short-term.
2.       Cut Back on Extras.  Every item you grab from the shelf or consider buying, ask yourself if you really need it.  If you wait a day to purchase it, chances are you will decide to just hold off.
3.       Teach Good Spending Habits.  Just knowing your little ones are watching you should help you spend wiser.  Give your child(ren) a few dollars periodically, let them spend it however they wish, and encourage them to budge wisely and even donate a little of their money to a charity or cause!
4.       Give the Gift of Cash.  Whether you let your child(ren) spend all or part of it, it helps them to learn how to spend wisely while they buy what they want.  If only spending part of it, let the unspent portion go into the piggy bank. So they can watch their savings grow, further understanding the value in budgeting and planning for the future.

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