Monday, October 8, 2012

10 Things to do With the Kids This Fall

Trees are displaying a palette of colors, leaves are falling, and we begin to crave the sweet and spicy smells of pumpkin and apple cider.  Fall is here and though we miss the hot summer fun moments that seemed to pass us by so quickly this year, there is plenty to do during the fall season.  Here are 10 things to do with the little ones and guess what… they’re FREE!
1.  Get your family Christmas picture taken.  Now is a beautiful time for an outdoor photo!
2.  Try a new craft like a “Giving Thanks” tree.  Just collect branches from the yard, pot them, and hang tags with things you are thankful for onto the branches!
3.  Watch the birds, especially geese, fly south.  It’s fun for the kids to watch and hear.
4.  Make a scarecrow!  You can even make one a particular character or member of the family  J
5.  Take a flashlight walk.  It’s getting dark earlier, so grab a flashlight for a fun walk!  Maybe you can shine your light on some animals that come out after dark.
6.  Visit a pumpkin patch.  Some will have activities for the kids to participate in.
7.  Make Thanksgiving cards for the kids (and yourself) to send to special people in your lives that you appreciate.
8.  Oh the weather outside is… WINDY!  So fly a kite!
9.  Pick up pine cones.  You’ll tackle a chore and find great pieces for crafts and decorations!
10.  Camp in.  That’s right, it’s a bit cold to camp outside, so camp inside!

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