Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let The Kids Lend a Hand This Holiday Season!

Can you believe the holidays are this close already?!  There is so much to be done like cooking, decorating, shopping, events, gatherings, and more.  The most precious part is watching the children enjoy the holidays and making memories with them.  Here are a few ways you can let them help and allow them to feel like an important part of each holiday gathering and tradition.  Who knows, maybe you will create a new family tradition!

·         Let them help choose where outdoor décor should be placed.
·         Let them help decorate indoors such as the Christmas tree.
·         Make a holiday “craft day” so they can create new decorations!
·         Have them help set out ingredients needed for special holiday dishes.
·         Let them help decorate or put finishing touches on goodies.
·         Let your little chef choose what to prepare!
·         Let them go along and help choose gifts for a few of those on your list.
·         Allow them to help you find items when you’re in the store.
·         Make your own gift wrap and/or let them help wrap/package gifts.
·         Have the child(ren) present artwork, talents, or plays until the food is ready to be served.
·         Let them play host/hostess for the gathering!
·         Allow them to help set the table or decorate with their own touch.

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